Wednesday, June 14, 2006

yosemighty over the edge

the weather was so fine
we thought that someone somehow had fixed our time
no reason only rhyme, rythmic and entrancing, dancing with the everywhere water, sooooooo sublime

the birds called from so many trees we didn't know which way to turn & look, look & see the friends staring down at us from the leafy sea...
And the rocky terrain brought oohs & ahs in refrain, tho there were so few populating this heavenly landscape it made us seem as if alone amid the wonders,

walking barefoot on some pathways and chilled by our lonesome waterfall misty breathes. We stood alone in meadows drowned and fished in the resevoir from our secret places found.

I retread the earth and watched in fascination the weary weilding of many a fire scorching whichever tree it pleased. A bush fanned my backside and a bear came out of hiding. These were the days of looking for solace and finding, of major rest and rejuvenation. A jubilee of water, rock, hill & dale...

a blessed place for god's creation.

i miss it already

Monday, June 05, 2006

Building Momentous Momentum: escaping the rock

This is no small feat, escaping from alcatraz. There are no words for the sheer strength and fortitude that exude from each and every athelete that took to the sea, and then to the wheel, and then to the street...
pushing forward until at last they returned to where they began, more weary and wild-eyed then probably ever before in most of their lives.
Sure, there were pros, who covered the course of some 30 miles in just a short two hours, like the man in blue with yellow swim cap who defiantly broke the calm and emerged first from the pacific; but none could say that they have more heart than the sheer numbers who emerged bewildered and beeming; once comely passersby ranging in age from the very young to the 78 years young at heart, some challenged beyond my comprehension, others simply straining to make the most of their fairly average human form becoming superheros before my eyes. The inspiration of their accomplishment, each and every one of the 1800 individual escapees of the rock that day, is something i take with me to the next adventure.... and beyond.