Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Props for my sweet madonna of the rocks, miss schbvonne & her kin. my love to you my friend and hopes to see you soon..

and where are you?

my once-held gabriel?

my tess made whole?

here is the one i wrote for you but where did you go after last we spoke?:

"May your son rise above the feeble manhood call to never raise his fist, the destroyer; Never laugh at the suffering of others, the arrogant; Never measure his worth from a vial, the afflicted.

No, Let his heart bare your mark; the mother, the giver, the lover. Let him be instead sensitive to the inner tunings of the universe. Let him stand in the desert and hear the crash of distant waves, heart beating to the drums of distant nations; Not some nationally misguided marauder but a blessed & sovereign man of the earth, alive to the dawn of a bright new tomorrow."

love you still.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

daze off

having a great time off- tho lo the rain continues. calamari days by ocean waves for afternoon catnaps and trails through the park. yesterday was a full one and i feel filled. today is a half day, sleepy and lazy and awaiting the rosy new tomorrow... warm & dry?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

mantis romantisisizing

Bits o' modern man throwing caution to the winds
window man enthralled in piece of suit
looks not so shabby at li'l ol me... can't see
sees thru me and beyond.
theatre of the world stands amidst the
the little difference scheme of my twenty-dollar haircut
Visions of my disruption in the world of crude abnormality,
dissasociated families,
money making factories
ignitiant of a great unrepented vanity...
my vainglory, chauvanistic insanity...



god sees us... these small toys of his tinker, these imperfect vessels we keep smashing & sinking

sees it.. when we suffer, yet still care to live, forsake all stakes in guidance, find faulty ways in which to give

and also... sees the importance of one light shining even slightly, casting shadows o'er our layers &the players of every lifetime. so that we may be the praying mantis, our arms held tightly before ourselves bending with less malice than we're known for. and may god grant the mantis mantra, calm our senses, ease the spirit. toys displayed proudly or set assunder, may god consider this humanity valid. may there be a peice provided for the weary knelt before you, begging please one more mercy extended, one more blessing, we implore you...

by friday you were gone.

Monday, April 03, 2006

will wonders never cease

if i had but more time inside this little tension biting, twisted insides, over/under-sensitive human body o'mine on this tiny little congested planet of ours, floating in the outer realms of the ever-exploding and entertaining universe at large, perhaps i would blog for the sake of blogging.... tis not for me i am afraid, not the time nor the blog... i will however do it for the sake of pure enjoyment to be felt by those around me whom i love so dear, who put up with me daily and haven't murdered me yet. For all those of you whom i never say enough sweet nothings, god bless you's, etc.: THIS, my Good Friends, is for YOU!!!