Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Semi-finished work of last semester

Greed got me feeling indestructible,
Oli would smirk that the Kiln god's weren't smiling that day
and yet all involved deemed it blessing anyway...
my broken hand lies now amidst the shrapnel
of an exploded spire by my neighboring colleague.
thus i learned how letting go matters
and to see beauty in such frailty.
a lesson. as is this piece's reason to be..

my musty friend sits idly by near the fireplace floor,
still awaiting the day i muster my strength to grind down those antlers
and give him a fit..
but he is cute in his velvety purple and stunted sort of way.
The glazing was exquisite, so who could ask for more?

and oh day of days, Raku Day!
it is the immediacy and utter faith
involved in such an undertaking that makes one's heart race and mouth water..
to get just one gem out of the quick fire
and shock spray after combustion,
well that's what dreams are made of.
white marshmellow doggy bowl dreams too.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

yosemighty 2

this one worked wonders
deep down in the heart of soul
water winding & caressing
the bits of whirlwind girl
i found lounging in
mountain fed pools
fit for sliding and dousing
with the sun to wash away the chill
then to chill with the tops down
all around nature triumphing
man's bitter greed & assumption
that we are the best, the strongest,
most powerfull owner and usurper of
nature's mysteries

trees spilled high to the heavens
our gaze ever upward toward towering canopies
of light and photosynthetic beauty
this is what trees are meant to be,
giants sopped in snowmelt moisture
dwarfing our itty bitty selves to the point of hilarity

gained new perspectives on seeing the natural world
developed into blooming chasms of metamorphic possibilities
thanks to ishmael & the story of be,
and my creeping urges to become part of wildlife again

knowing i must walk the line between this reality and that surreal history of mankind
must stay focused on the present and not fixate on the lost past
but in this vivid forest of water, rock, and life
as the river rushes by me
i find peace unfound before