Friday, March 02, 2012

Totem of the Lost Spirit

Totem of the Lost Spirit

Totem for a lost spirit,
in the nation
of once was wandering
bison herds charging,
elk horns leaping,
tribes led by
needs of eachother,

turned bloody battlefields,
and so many slaves brought a'sailing,

bloodshed over ownership
over man, land, and water;
turned gold diggers,
miners of fortune,
pioneering possession
from the east to the west

unto ill-defined and unprepared for ends
that so far have not
and may never
justify any means...

Once nurturing the spirit in all things
became havers of dominion over all things.
Once everything started being about
costs and payoffs,
So much of us has become
just a game of numbers,
and endless race to gain,
regardless of its diminishing of our common values
and the needs of our species
to survive within
the greater contextual web of spirit and life.

This is my totem
steeped in the remorses of a lost nation of voices,
crying out for a common good to come from
pains of being so very bad.