Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Personal Shrine is complete.
Her name, i believe, is "the huntress"
To speak of her,
one must use words such as:
fire, rock, earth, & water
musicality, presence, crowned & feathered


back part

and from above...

She is lounging on a bed of rocks and crowns her head with the trees
She inclines ever so softly to hear the gentle stringing
of the muse's violin and the river glistens down her left side
while the dancing fire warms her right,

burning, the carbon of her earthly form mingled
with all the pain and misery she has been fumbling through for years..
her face is painted, the warrior marks of engaging with life
and all it's dismal proclamations

still hunting as always

Trying ever to snare
that fragment of humanity to cling to,
that animal spirit to guide and run akin to,
the peace and calm of a wooded perch,
the absolute ecstasy of the babbling brook,
the perfection of stones washed clean...
a few precious feathers, with which to take flight

She is.
She is me.
i am.
just this.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old Dry Western & embellishing the Personal Shrine piece

tinkering round with ideas of horns and such things as serial works
tricky thing, the linking of purposes to create one grand thematic assemblage
if only tales could be told at once instead of increments
Have just
finished work entitled "The Myth of the Open Range"
see it below this post in previous
for next,
trying out this "Dry Old Western"

And as for my personal shrine,
she is coming together
and am currently terrified
to put it
into kiln
for cone 6 whatever colors coming out of
shino & white engobes and ocre oxides concoction i finally put down
washed off
put down
washed off put down again...
But for now, her embellishments are ready!!
One of several..

Monday, October 11, 2010


The Myth of the Open Range, 2010

"MEAT"; a group show
Medicine Agency Gallery
Oct. 15th, 8-11pm

It's What Was For Dinner, 2010