Saturday, March 20, 2010

Carla Biondi at Art People, Crocker Galleria

The stunning miss Carla Biondi, ex-tech with me at Ft. Mason's City College ceramics lab, has a 20 pc. show at the Art People Gallery (2nd flr. of Crocker galleria) which opened this past Thursday night, complete with fine wines and oodles of fetching individuals mingling with some of her latest works.
Her series is at times whimsical, elaborate, suggestive, playful, battered and extreme...all utterly Carla! Perhaps they convey her alter egos, or merely girlfriends she has had or merely dreamed of. Worth a look. Congrats to Carla!!

Content Infused Art; for the next stage

This is the beginning of some very exciting work that i am doing in the ceramics studio... I am working very hard on achieving a context for my body of work and conveying an overall message about our tribal hunter roots, the loss of reverence and habitat for our life-giving prey species, and the overall encroachment and arrogance of the human race. There WILL be much more to come after these... and i realize there hasn't been much for a while, but as you can see, i have been distracted. My hands in the clay, my heart in the forest...