Saturday, October 24, 2009

been a long lonely lonely, lonely lonely, lonely ti-ime....

actually, not.
not alone anyway,
but sometimes lonely...
not really bad per se,
but bumpy..
there is an increase in the amount of randomness,
a decrease in the true guts and glory stuff.
a volatile vehemence that has overtaken me,

worked me over.

left me for dead.

I don't always recognize myself.
and feel stuffed
into something
feel left out'in the cold
feel arranged by the hands of fate
and left completely reconfigured
by someone else's hands.
Funny how i can be in disarray, and yet
rest solely in my little angular reality
with all it's sharp edges and juxtapositions.
dismantled perhaps the better term
for a life turned upside down.

Friday, July 24, 2009

this is the portrait and life work of my good friend and mentor Maggie Malloy, who at 45 yrs. old went in search of her true artist nature, moving into a foray of printmaking, painting, and finally ceramic sculpture that is truly inspirational, and speaks of the ancient ties that bind us all.

Her work is on display now, in the kimball Education gallery in the deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park; including her residency work, a hands-on installation of piles of stones, finished by the public, as an offering to the acestors. The piles of stones continue to grow through next week Wed., when the final stone will be finished and fired for the closing reception on the night of Friday, the 31st of July. All are welcome to come and take part by finishing a rock of their own, to be retrieved after the final display. wed-sun 1-5pm

Thursday, July 09, 2009

If you think that *life* is cool: Go here right now!

13 more reasons to love love love the California Academy of Sciences....

so many butterflies

lilypad bliss

historical record
aka. evolution

my good friend, the eel

budhist frogs

creatures in hiding






the phillipine coral reef

the living roof

Friday, June 05, 2009

full circle

from the western addish'... to 19th & mish'...
riding up and down the coaster ride of what ifs,
and why nots, and how can i's, and why did i's..
stumbling blundly round the mission looking for a reason to be there.
pretending mostly that i wasn't.
staying out too late and getting out too early every goddamn day...
working endlessly to survive.
then respited away to the heights of Buena Vista,
watching dogs and taking some time.
to heal me in the warmth and safety
of my friend's merry mansion,
overlooking it all.

Fireworks displayed, the moon on rise, the jungle dessert oasis, the art of the noble and whymsic and wise, the mess i made of my life coming full circle, and still feeding my smiles...
Then from the buena vista trip back again to the western addish'..
"Ollak", or almost, it could be said... but still close enough again to smell it.
Still real enough to enjoy it.
Still whole enough so that i may make the most of it.

Still home enough that i no longer wish to return again. But can be here. Ollak.

Friday, May 01, 2009

new works of 2009

Little light of the world Gabriel tells mama Tess one morning, "mom, i am so glad that Lori is an artist!" This, my 4-yr-old soul companion, brother-son-lover-child, knows something about me that i have yet to contend with in my psyche:
this dynamic entanglement of my thoughts and ideas, my worries and ideals, that metamorphs into these little bits of earth and spirit...
broken fragments of my memories and experiences. This is the first time i have shown something and been proud to say, "this is art". It tells a story and walks you down a path. It may even touch you... But you see that glass there? You can't touch it back! :-)
See my work up now in the student gallery of Bld. B at Ft. Mason's City College campus. Up through May 19th.

"SEA OF SHE" (You may not know it, but this vessel is a voluptuous vulva...

"Remnants of the Hunt", a retrospective of this semester's work in tandem.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

the death of Oscar

In regard to horrible death of Oscar Grant on New Year's in Oakland:

& here is what i say:

"blessed to be alive // Jan 11, 2009 at 10:56 pm

I would like to thank Jocelyn & BuddhaBro for their insight on this truly desturbing event in the lives of two men, and several dozen onlookers, America & the world we now live in.
I was away from the Bay Area when this awful shooting took place, and upon my return, in hearing of it, i was destroyed by the enormity of uncertainty it meant for us all. I was sickened by the actions of the BART police, both in their method of detaining as well as the complete disregard for the human life that seemed apparent. In witnessing the crime, my first thought is that it is murder… but then what?

I do not now, nor will i ever, believe in the death penalty - due to the undeniable truth that innocent men die too, and more racially selective death happens at that level.. which is still one of the greatest shames of our supposed civilization.
I would ask in the sake of the greiving family of the dear departed, and that of the officers involved, including one newly arrived life, that no more angry words be said, no more violence instigated.
I would remind all that right now, as we live and breeth, freely able to type away to our heart’s content, there are women and children, and many other young brothers, dying from war’s manifestations & even more hatred than can be seen here this evening… i am not saying either is more important, but that perhaps the broader picture IS.
Perhaps one life does equal hundreds or thousands;
perhaps an eye can never really make up for the other eye.
Perhaps this shooting was an accident; perhaps it was pure, unadulterated murder. Perhaps we are all guilty; perhaps no one truly is.
But what i would ask, in any event, is twofold:
*** Do you ever want to see another man be executed? Another child die in vain? Another displaced people move from one version of Hell to the next?
If the answer is no, then i hope you are ready to stand up calmly, take the stage and make your voices, and not just your anger, heard loud and clear.
*** Are any of you right now willing to say you have never, nor WILL never, commit a greivous sin?
Let he who can say yes, please cast the first bloody stone