Sunday, December 21, 2008

winter is afoot; on the solstace

animals at cal academy of sciences:

my mind is playing treacherous games with my heart.
i hear distant voices calling me to come out and play,
and yet my feet are cemented into immobility.
the flourishing of my senses is overshadowed by the despair of my inner destiny.
but winter brings on renewal, rebirth, frigidity moving toward fluidity... in essense: change.
and i will emerge resilient, because my longings are so abundant and my heart is still a few sizes too big... for my life at present.
silently i position myself for transition.
and the memories and moods of all years previous are flooding me, until i think that i will drown,
but i know that, in the words of the most modest of mouses, i will float on.
in honor of the winter solstace,
i try to focus on the artistic majesty of the world around me,
from the inner workings of nature to the endeavors of bare hands with mixed mediums and time;
feeding my soul forever and ever and ever.

the murals of the mission: