Friday, July 28, 2006

china beach

It is not the beach i see in my dreams all glistening sand and warm tropical convincingly clear blue water.. golden horizon or geen flash perception.. adorned head to undertow in gifts of god's blessing.. birds swooping and careening from tide to valley, or sat adrift in water preening.. it is not the beach of volcanic rock with coral suburbs waving up from the ocean floor.. it is a tiny nook tucked away ensconced by the crashing pacific waves and the heavenly golden gate.. a nirvana for the far-from-people-beach-seekers who wind round and round the seven mile san francisco in hopes of finding a bit of peace and quiet at the sea.. it is difficult at times to find such a lovely spot as this even if the water is still cold as ever and the waves still a barreling force to reckon. china beach is not the beach of my dreams, but it may be the beach of afternoon soul-searching, catnaps and possibilities; which is good enough for me on most days. i hope you find it too.