Friday, September 21, 2007

swiching off & breaking away

my switch has been turned
to off;
no longer in lust with
the one i have loved for too long now
(to be of any real use to me)
his demonstrations
of our physicality
left this body o'mine longing
for the sweetest gentle other
who ekes out magic with his movements,
uses his voice to caress my insides;
he pulls heaven from his mind's eye
sends it to me with penetrating glances,
which i could only find in distant memories
of the once I who was longed for
by brothers so long long ago;
and this older, now wiser me
stares eternity in the face,
making plans for something permenant
upon which to stake my heart or
claim my space.
I am a weary soul delighted
to be at once free and fancied,
yet terrified i let slip the reigns
to forever or even just one more day.
BUT the whole world is now up for grabbing,
my body totally mine,
having finally, eternally
taken to flight & broken away.

Monday, September 17, 2007

scenes from an online dating world

the twilight resonates my heart's madness;
searching and responding in ways n'er tried before.
(tho twas god who closed that chapter in this life
twas he who has also opened several once unlikely doors...)
new suitors fly out from cyber nowheres
endlessly reexamining my quest for the tangible and more,
i seek to find the faithful companion of my dreamscapes.
he may be just a refreshed page away...
he walks the earth upright and careful
not to tread upon the strings of the heart,
not to wear the world so heavily and
not to make marks which won't erase from this earth's memory.

Now aware as ever that each little word does absolutely count
when you make your conversations heard through typing hands,
to be re-read by the diligent
who pick up on the nuances lying deeply between the lines.
and feeling blessed by responses which may be real,
may be false,
yet still seem whole-hearted enough in the posing.
this is a tricky dimension upon which to set sail one's
ship of hope,
and yet
it is so exciting a time
to reinvent one's emotional correspondence,
to build a persona which is worthy of my own admiration,
as well as someone else's,
to piece together friendships from the furthest corners
of my computorial capabilities,
to reach out and find myself actually touched and even sparkling
in the beautiful and irreverent misty moonlight.