Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ocean beach

i biked to the beach again

dreaming of yosemite.

played with timers and napped

a long while.

i hadn't written or prepared:

but i remember a few dogs and a quick fog, waves looking lost but crashing anyway, conversations with my self and my mother, a strange deep feeling of worldly other...

Friday, May 12, 2006

grown things

These are a few of my growing things, some of them
came from seeds, and some have struggled, but recently
come alive in leaps and bounds.
The Japanese Maple is from two lovely women who are moving from Mt. Tam to Florida,
Ms. Phyllis and Ms. Andrea. They lovingly gave me this tree, which I promtly killed...
or so i thought. You see, maple trees are deciduous - a fact ridiculously forgotten by me,
after being away from the changing of seasons now for six years - so they shed their leaves
this winter and regrew to this very full bloom come April. I gather that with all the rain they have had much reason to rejoice as these leaves grew from bud in just a short month! I love this tree!
I now have 25 plants and three cactii, having started with only three plants in a TINY studio.
This has been one of my greatest accomplishments in San Francisco. God bless the plants.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the art & craft led day of refinement
brass miniatures set to fire
ease over to copper twisted twigs
in the equestrian way
blue pools livid like the see
ancient masks staring forebodingly
down at me
in observation
about the trees
a falcon flown to perch
run off by a black night
protector of home and hearth
absorbing the abundance
of woven feathers & linen
wooden rockers & leather
glass blown and cut
hung like raindrops from the emptiness which fills in the ceiling
human skulls linger in my soup
and my camera refuses to capture any part of me, so be it
i am of it
i am in it
don't you see my reflection in this glass case? that window fernway?
de young like the lover of all the natural things shaped by man
it's the continuos path to enlightenment or destruction
who can tell?
walk along.