Saturday, December 04, 2010

CCSF Ft. Mason Show & Sale 2010

Come to see the work of students from the ceramics & sculpture labs, as well as painting, jewelry & printmaking, of CCSF at Fort Mason! We had a wonderful opening and there is some really great work, still on sale, till tomorrow at 5pm. Bld B, upper & lower levels

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new works in progress


These are the tail feathers of some new work i am making in ceramic.. very promising stuff. Should prove both evocative and be startling to the viewer. I am thrilled to be working on these, in collaboration with friends who will enter work with me to a show on the theme of weaponry.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Personal Shrine is complete.
Her name, i believe, is "the huntress"
To speak of her,
one must use words such as:
fire, rock, earth, & water
musicality, presence, crowned & feathered


back part

and from above...

She is lounging on a bed of rocks and crowns her head with the trees
She inclines ever so softly to hear the gentle stringing
of the muse's violin and the river glistens down her left side
while the dancing fire warms her right,

burning, the carbon of her earthly form mingled
with all the pain and misery she has been fumbling through for years..
her face is painted, the warrior marks of engaging with life
and all it's dismal proclamations

still hunting as always

Trying ever to snare
that fragment of humanity to cling to,
that animal spirit to guide and run akin to,
the peace and calm of a wooded perch,
the absolute ecstasy of the babbling brook,
the perfection of stones washed clean...
a few precious feathers, with which to take flight

She is.
She is me.
i am.
just this.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old Dry Western & embellishing the Personal Shrine piece

tinkering round with ideas of horns and such things as serial works
tricky thing, the linking of purposes to create one grand thematic assemblage
if only tales could be told at once instead of increments
Have just
finished work entitled "The Myth of the Open Range"
see it below this post in previous
for next,
trying out this "Dry Old Western"

And as for my personal shrine,
she is coming together
and am currently terrified
to put it
into kiln
for cone 6 whatever colors coming out of
shino & white engobes and ocre oxides concoction i finally put down
washed off
put down
washed off put down again...
But for now, her embellishments are ready!!
One of several..

Monday, October 11, 2010


The Myth of the Open Range, 2010

"MEAT"; a group show
Medicine Agency Gallery
Oct. 15th, 8-11pm

It's What Was For Dinner, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Shrine I

My newest piece is taking form, in a very wonderful and graceful way. This is a relatively new endeavor for me to try and put together many components in the attempt of seeking a well-fitting "whole". It is in answer to Oli Quezada's question of "what is your personal shrine?" sanctuary? spirit place? totem pole? my goodness, the question leads me to endless possibilities... and yet, i already knew my answer the very first day i pondered it...

This is only the beginnning... There is fire, and water, flora, and fauna, nature, dancing and music. What more do you ask for in life? These are IT for me, all i care to envelope my life with to the end of my time...
Here she is in another light.. only the beginning. Hoping it all comes together the way i imagine my shrine to be.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

"Narrative Visions" at Market Street Gallery, show now closed

The following are photos from the opening reception of the show "Narrative Visions; Clay onto Art" which ended June 30th at Market Street Gallery.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

New work will be at the Market Street Gallery
June 4th-26th, reception on the 11th

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back from NCECA in Philadelphia, and still digesting all the great work i saw there.
My experience was akin to reverent elation at having a full five days in the SUNNY & WARM & uber nice Philly, meandering around the various shows within walking distance of the center city hub that convention goers came to. What a lovely and easy to navigate town! I can't wait for another chance to revisit the city of brotherly love.
NCECA 2010 had much to offer in terms of diverse work, demonstrations, informative lectures & new opportunities. For the first time, there was a green team table, which brought to the surface the subject of sustainability in ceramic studios. Their conversational survey asked some key questions which may lead us all to think about our practice on a greener level.
My most informative lecture was the panel discussion on "Ceramic Technology: Material Issues" about materials we use and the safe handling practices we need to be abiding by. I also really enjoyed the Lecture by Sharbani Das Gupta, "Dust to Dust", about the Hindi Bengali ceramic artists of Kumartuli, Kolkata in India, who spend months making gods and goddesses out of Terracruda to be used in a five day religious festival and then placed into the river to slake back into the earth once again. The undefinable quality of art blurs greatly when see through the visionary eyes of these master sculptors. It was a beautiful slideshow.

I experienced one of the most inspirational moments on my first day of shows, at the Eastern State Penitentiary. This dilapidated and now defunct prison was once home to infamous Al Capone for a few short months and numerous other inmates living in some very intense and sometimes isolated or squalid conditions, yet is now a somewhat preserved historical site which can be toured, much like our own AlCatraz island. There were several great installations of art here, amidst the prison walls... or ruins... Most notably among them was the "ESP project"'s piece by Rocky Lewycky, which involved 980 urns, approx. 7"x12" blocks, represented the cells at E.S.P. complete with the "eye of god" slit in the ceiling which was the cell dweller's only window, from which God would supposedly look down to view them, let them see their own misdeeds and reform them. This reformation was usually not the case however, and the urns represented the charring of the soul that one would feel being sequestered in such an environment. It was also supposed to "reverse" the acts of theivery or brutality among inmates, by offering something back through a wonderfully interactive procession, allowing the public to be corralled through the cellblock to choose only one urn, and be escorted out to take it home as a testament. This piece was beautifully laid out, down one entire length of cellblock, and was very moving. Here i am with my urn at the penitentiary's green house, and following pic is my urn at home. I am so proud to own this momento!

I couldn't possibly put all of my favorite ceramic work on this blog, since i took some 600 photos and saw over twenty shows. However here are just a few of my favorites:
Not sure who this is, but i believe it is from the Salt Gallery, and i just love it's expression! Si se puede!

"Actually I'm Korean", from the NCECA national juried student competition... it is also a teapot. Not sure of artist, sorry...

"Anti-Biotic", from same, by Christopher Adelhardt

I really loved the "Earth Matters" exhibition at the Galleries of Moore College of Art & Design. One of the standouts was from Australian artist, Gudrun Klix. After seeing the show, i found i felt compelled to buy her CUP at the NCECA cupsale. Purely sculptural, it is reminiscent of the tabletop piece she had in the show, shown below cup in a postcard.

Overall it was a grand time and i will be going to next year's event in FL, for sure!
For all of my exhibition photos, via Snapfish, please leave a comment here, and i will forward you an invite to view them!!

New Knitted Lovelies

Check out my lasted neck warmers! These are lovingly knitted by hand in pieces, then sewn together, with interesting touches and little oddity additions!
They are currently on consignment at:
Xapno 678 Haight Street, San Francisco -

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Carla Biondi at Art People, Crocker Galleria

The stunning miss Carla Biondi, ex-tech with me at Ft. Mason's City College ceramics lab, has a 20 pc. show at the Art People Gallery (2nd flr. of Crocker galleria) which opened this past Thursday night, complete with fine wines and oodles of fetching individuals mingling with some of her latest works.
Her series is at times whimsical, elaborate, suggestive, playful, battered and extreme...all utterly Carla! Perhaps they convey her alter egos, or merely girlfriends she has had or merely dreamed of. Worth a look. Congrats to Carla!!

Content Infused Art; for the next stage

This is the beginning of some very exciting work that i am doing in the ceramics studio... I am working very hard on achieving a context for my body of work and conveying an overall message about our tribal hunter roots, the loss of reverence and habitat for our life-giving prey species, and the overall encroachment and arrogance of the human race. There WILL be much more to come after these... and i realize there hasn't been much for a while, but as you can see, i have been distracted. My hands in the clay, my heart in the forest...