Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ft. Mason CCSF Gallery show is hung!!

You can see this piece, "Estranged",
along with 11 other sculpture artists' work,
right now through the end of semester (middle of may)
at Ft. Mason Bld. B in the gallery space,
lower level

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's in the works...

The beginning of the end
of something
which i do not know...
pages seized, cut and rendered
woven from the chords
my memory strikes
each time i humbly
recoil at the lines, heard at random,
as if time is taunting me with
remnants of childhood fairytales

lo, the lord works in mysterious ways

this piece, sits atop the
warmed and woven pages... pages of my youth,
screams or
dreams and such of family,
spiked with the woes
of loss...
and guilt...
and self-destructions.

In other news...
the axe handles are multiplying
new characters arise from the
original thought process:
the recreation of a hidden past
our long-lost ability
to find spirit in everything...

And speaking of multiplying, so are the arrows, straighter with each new batch coming fresh from the kilns...
So this means summer will be a blur of gun-pouring, axe-brandishing, and Arrow Assemblage!!!
And really... I couldn't be happier!
Well, i COULD... but well "life is funny" sometimes, you know??

Monday, April 18, 2011

Perhaps perceived as a person
capable of extreme wrong,
even with the best of intentions...
i have begun
the framework of a piece

about the framing of my life
and the perception
of my shattered selves,
lined up against a wall,
built by my own
tangled and woven
through the deceiving folds of time.

the pistols stealthily creeping up
to unload a barrage
which fractures my essence
and yet uplifts my soul.

in process...
i see transformations...
such as
< this to this >

and enjoy the playful rhythms
of cascading starshine...
"supernova shots"

and my mind meanders willingly
around seductive curvatures,
hidden meanings,
and long-missed emotions.

"Jumping The Gun", 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wild Country show at Space Gallery

Space Gallery, on Polk @ Sutter
Saturday, April 9th
Come in person if you want to see it in focus...

in the lab,
i try to stay focused on the tasks at hand, priorities for the day,
even though my heart and mind are racing to get to some very detailed and larger scale works,
the goal for yesterday was to finish the small pieces i began for assignment, a show to be hung in the Ft Mason student gallery in May.

Here are the beginnings of that work, three weeks to go before installation... (insert silent scream here)