Friday, May 01, 2009

new works of 2009

Little light of the world Gabriel tells mama Tess one morning, "mom, i am so glad that Lori is an artist!" This, my 4-yr-old soul companion, brother-son-lover-child, knows something about me that i have yet to contend with in my psyche:
this dynamic entanglement of my thoughts and ideas, my worries and ideals, that metamorphs into these little bits of earth and spirit...
broken fragments of my memories and experiences. This is the first time i have shown something and been proud to say, "this is art". It tells a story and walks you down a path. It may even touch you... But you see that glass there? You can't touch it back! :-)
See my work up now in the student gallery of Bld. B at Ft. Mason's City College campus. Up through May 19th.

"SEA OF SHE" (You may not know it, but this vessel is a voluptuous vulva...

"Remnants of the Hunt", a retrospective of this semester's work in tandem.