Thursday, March 27, 2008


Bodega bay travel
for spring break respite
out of city
into higher minded retreat
bleeding out the whole time
all my worries and woes
feeling refreshed for the love of nature and
my many feathered friends
who fly above and around me
keep me from feeling ever alone

and my longtime lover silently sympathizing
with my need to fill ecology's notebook
with every speck of god's great work i could find
document, document, document...
and never lose the need to wonder at the earth's many mysteries and magic moments.

Hwy 1 brought us back to reality slowly, through winding hills,
pastures filled with all the flock, sheepies, llamas, bovines, & horsies
wetlands, sea lions close enough to swim to, and outstanding seaside driving...
The reason to live in California, as far as i am concerned.

(We ate fresh caught crab stuffed into a melodious mushroom's cap,
WILD fennel salad which the chef found whilst jogging, local little lamb, and seafood cioppino to die for.... in all, delightful and filled to the brim with thoughful fare... kudos to the Duck Club!
Kudos too, to the whole crew at the Bodega Bay Resort & Spa, who upgraded our lowly selves to the best king suite, complete with view that knocked us off our feet. Cheers!)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Nearly over the edge in terms of mind capacity and life availability,
Head filled up with tons of numbers
terms for every natural phenom under our sun
thoughts about how our species developed and why, while trying to envision my zibbook listening or opening to even the mention of such thoughts, i laugh
i contemplate gender roles, and marrital squabbles
dream of many winding rooms, and pools filled with underwater monsters, where my brother's head lies upon my loving lap for safety
wake to remember how little ones can admire, how big ones can soon forget
a lifetime of whatifs mounting my various orifices and seizing up my heart,wrenching me free from my everyday, throwing me out into the oblivion of soon to comes, maybes
Unbelieving that anything can save me from myself...
i am spoiled, but still so weak
i am progressing, but still so mired in management & social mores
i have my hands steeped in clay and caresses,
my feet flop limp and unromantic while they waltz,
my moosehead seems washed and craven for the antlers i have ungainly made.