Friday, June 05, 2009

full circle

from the western addish'... to 19th & mish'...
riding up and down the coaster ride of what ifs,
and why nots, and how can i's, and why did i's..
stumbling blundly round the mission looking for a reason to be there.
pretending mostly that i wasn't.
staying out too late and getting out too early every goddamn day...
working endlessly to survive.
then respited away to the heights of Buena Vista,
watching dogs and taking some time.
to heal me in the warmth and safety
of my friend's merry mansion,
overlooking it all.

Fireworks displayed, the moon on rise, the jungle dessert oasis, the art of the noble and whymsic and wise, the mess i made of my life coming full circle, and still feeding my smiles...
Then from the buena vista trip back again to the western addish'..
"Ollak", or almost, it could be said... but still close enough again to smell it.
Still real enough to enjoy it.
Still whole enough so that i may make the most of it.

Still home enough that i no longer wish to return again. But can be here. Ollak.