Friday, May 27, 2011

New Series... continued

The pressings of
massive old wood posts,
with their nooks & crannies,
cracks and crevices..
now protrusions turned vivid

recollections of the visceral moment
when first set my eyes
and hands
upon flesh of a favored...

Most surprising in the findings,
flesh folding its own nooks and crannies,

hairs protruding in a million different places,

scars and moles and heartbeat and warmth..
breath, all magical.
This is the image i wish to convey...
first sight, body baring...
the image old as man
in the subtle, supple nature that is wood.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

...New Series unfolding

These look even better
from the other side... which
is how one would see them...
but this is my view
in the making
I think i am happy
with either way...
soooooo happy...
all because of the
telephone today,
virtual or otherwise,
it's good to be seen for real;
as i see this piece of the world,
where i reside...