Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walking Through Graveyards aka The Day He Left US

The universe doesn't recognize us,
you know..

There are no monuments built for ants.

The gravestones kept up

bear no better testament to time
than those whose battered, weathered topplings
have acheived.

There truly are no songs for the dead.
We almost can touch them, taste them,
Hear them..
And yet,
They are still so long gone as to be 
intelligible to the living.
They are only a moment, 
a piece of matter,
a chord played quickly and forgotten.

Which perhaps is why
So many choose to take that flying leap

and release themselves
to the  greatest of unknowns..

Which is

the nothingness of life.
The vanishing point of no return.

Godspeed R. W.

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